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How To Avoid Depression During a Job Search

Career Island 11 October, 2017

Transitioning out of a career you have held for a long time can be an upheaval. This is especially true if the transition was not a planned one. During the time of a job loss an individual can experience many emotions, few of them positive. So how do you avoid depression during this time of change and uncertainty?

Keep Things in Perspective

It is very easy to start thinking you are the only one experiencing what you are experiencing right now, however, the truth is millions of people on the planet today are going through exactly what you are going through as well. Taking a good look at the unemployment statistics for your area could help you feel a little less alone on this journey.

Stay Proactive

This means you should keep doing the things that can help change the situation. You want a new job, however, depression will actually cause you to stop doing the steps that would get you there. So it is very important that despite your emotions, you keep taking the steps that will get you to your goal. You should also continue to do things that you enjoy as hobbies, despite the fact that so much in your life is changing.

Know the Signs of Depression

One of the reasons that depression is often debilitating for people is because they ignore the signs of depression until the situation has gotten severe. Understand the signs of depression. Things such as trouble sleeping, trouble eating, losing interest in things that you once enjoyed, or having unusual bouts of anger are all signs of depression. Talking with your doctor or with a therapist early on can help you make sure your depression does not become life altering, and you can continue your working your way toward your new job.